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    Making records since ’08

    A Hybrid boutique & Unusual studio

    State of the art, hybrid multi-room facility with muliti-tracking & ADR capabilties. We develop artist.

What we can do for you

We turn OUR clients songs into RECORDS


The very first thing you must do is create your art. Then we can capture it with the finished product in mind. Using the very best tools at are dispolsole to sculpt the sound and prepare it for the next phase of the production process.


So you have created and recorded your great song. The next step is to transport your listeners to your intended musical universe through their ipods, ear buds, cellphones, cars, or laptops and the art of this is in the mixing.


Mastering is the final step before your art goes to the market place. Using a combination of skills, talent, & experience, combined with the right analog & digital tools in a well learned room, to make sure your final record has been sonically optimized for not only todays commerical standards but to your artistic vision. Making sure your audios intended sound is correctly represented across a wide range of playback systems.

Spatial Auditory By Mikal

Feature work

Raponomics Wendy Day


Raponomics podcast offers useful how-to information about the music business for rappers, producers, songwriters, DJs, and singers.  The brainchild of Wendy Day from Rap Coalition.

iLL Surgeon iLL Performance 2

ILL Performance 2

Heights town, NJ. The Lyrical savage, iLL Surgeon returns to follow up on his debut solo release with a part 2 of his lyrical action adventure.

Show Gudda Black Ops 148°


Compton, CA.  Show Gudda returns with a follow up to his last year release W. A. N. T. S. with 2017s 148°

Isa Muhammad Maybach Music Group mixed by mikal

Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius

Inglewood, CA Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius is the debut mixtape by American rapper and Rick Ross’s protégé Isa Muhammad.

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Making records since '08

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