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27B iso booth



The foremost important step in the production process actually starts before you step foot into the studio. It all starts with a great tune,  once you have perfected your artistic muse it’s time for phase two of the production process, recording.



Here in the recording process we use all the tools in our engineering tool set to capture the perfect sound for the objective at hand. We begin by defining the exact sound your going for in your head then proceed by sculpting the sound with the finished record in mind. Using professional microphones, pre- amplifiers, compressors, and equalization in an acoustically treated environment to get the sound you desire. We call it engineering because we create and design the sound we’re going after from scratch. Using professional studio gear to capture the either textured, clean, big or small sound(s) using a combination of knowledge, skill, taste, and specialized tools in a qualified room to capture the best sound possible. Think about your sound, is it a distorted or filtered vocal, a combination of both? A clean guitar, or warm bass?

Is it in a huge open space, or tight intimate room? Are we going for a live sound, etc. One we have all the variables we can use this knowledge to help capture the best sound possible.

27B iso room

27B recording booth with MA-300

All electronic components impart a quality to the sound that can either enhance or attenuate desirable and undesirable traits in the source, whether its a vocal, guitar, piano, bass, snare or kick drum. Using these tools or a combination we can begin to “color” the sound or keep it pristinely clean. Starting with the microphone we will go through our extensive mic locker to first find the best mic that compliments your vocal tone or compliments the tonality of the record as a whole.

Proceeded by microphone placement to achieve optimum performance in our vibe ready tracking rooms. From their we will continue to mix and match processors (i.e. pre-amp, compressors, EQ) to complete the processing chain. For example if we use the Mojave Audio MA-1000 microphone going into our Neve 1073N into our Stam Audio SA-2A that would be our “vocal” chain used for capturing your voice for every record or maybe just this particular record.  For more information please contact us we love to talk shop!