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What Is Mixing

In its simplest form mixing is the summed total of all your tracks bounced down to a stereo 2track. First lets clarify some terms. What’s a 2track? A 2track is industry jargon for a stereo mix of all the elements that make up your record or beat. Your 2 track can be in a multitude of formats .WAV, mp3, AIFF, CD, Vinyl, etc. Its important to note that just because your beat or song is in a 2 track format, that doesn’t mean it has been aesthetically mixed, rough versions of your song or beat can come in 2 track form.  What is a stereo track? A stereo track are two different left and right combined tracks.

All 2tracks are not stereo, the requirements for stereo tracks are that their is different information in left channel and right channels. Lastly the different elements in your song (vocals, drums, guitar, synth etc.) are called multi-tracks. These multi-tracks are combined to a 2track mix down which gives us our mix.

  Mixing is an art & a science. It is the vehicle we use to transport your audience to your intended universe. Through their ipod ear buds, lap top speakers, car system, or hi-fi audio system. A great mx will not only translate well on a variety of playback systems, but will also be engaging for the listener, holding their attention for the duration of the record. Allowing your music to be the soundtrack to their life’s most important events or day to day operations. We use a combination of digital and analog processing to get our final mix. Using this hybrid approach we can have the benefits of both worlds at our disposal. The recall ability of the digital realm and the colorful gooeyness of analog.  For more information don’t hesitate to contact us, we love talking shop!

What formats for mixing?

If you recorded your next big record with us, no worries your set and ready to go! Whether you recorded at home in your project studio, at a friends, or on your mobile device have no worries. We mainly work in Avids Pro Tools, but our rooms host nearly all of the industries professional DAWs. So no matter if you recorded in Garage Band, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, Reason, Digital Performer,  or Adobe Audition. As long as you send over the complete session files including the audio tracks our staff will brute force your session to get it into our desirable format to work in.

If you only have the audio multi-tracks what we will need for you to do is consolidate all your tracks from the start of your session to the end before you send them over. So their are no breaks in the audio region, that way when we import your tracks into our system everything will line up in it’s intended playback sequence. If your not sure exactly what we mean by consolidating your audio tracks we’ve included a video below that will show you exactly what we mean. Check it out.